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Funding Application Health Check   arrow

0492 Plaque unveilingThis service will help you improve your chances of successfully obtaining funding by ensuring that your application matches the grant-giving criteria. It will also empower you to speak the funders’ language.

It is designed for all different types of grant applications, from simple to more comprehensive, “outcome orientated” grant applications such as the Big Lottery Funds, WREN, Biffa, Aviva and many others.

Grants are subject to immense competition in the present economic climate. This means that your project (however good YOUR idea is) will be closely scrutinised for its robustness and your application demands a professional approach.

We are here to help you with this process.

The Funding Application Health Check will make sure that:

  • You have thought your project through and have gathered the relevant evidence for need.
  • You are focused on the project’s aims and have defined the outcomes – and these fit the funding criteria.
  • You know how to demonstrate that you can measure and track the outcomes of the project.
  • You have thoroughly thought through the project planning.
  • You have a robust business plan, if required.

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