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P1020451Effective community consultation is essential evidence for funders. If you do not have this evidence, you will struggle to attract funding. Corinna is a Spaceshaper trained facilitator and uses the Spaceshaper as one of the tools to conduct consultations.

What is a community consultation?

It is asking everybody’s view, collecting and analysing these views to gather evidence about a local need and how to tackle it.

How do I conduct a community consultation with funding for the project in mind?

I can help you to ask the right outcome orientated questions in order to get useful information from your community. This way, the answers can feed directly into your  funding application at a later stage.

I will help you to:P1040449

  • word and design the questionnaire in the best way.
  • reach your consultation audience through different media (print, social media, on-line surveys, events, etc…).
  • gather, analyse and present the evidence.
  • form a panel from representatives of your community.
  • establish a project status quo, enabling you to use this as your baseline for measuring the success of your project (which many funders will require).

Spaceshaper open space consultation

In a Spaceshaper workshop we will help you to look at issues relating to the space including:

  •  Access — finding your way/getting around it
  •  Use — what activities and opportunities it offers
  •  Other people — how it caters for different needs
  •  Maintenance — how clean and cared for it is
  •  Environment — how safe and comfortable it is
  •  Design and appearance — what it looks like and what it is made from
  •  Community — how important it is to local people
  •  You — how it makes you feel

Also it will aim to: chat to black girls

  • bring key people and users together to discuss the space
  • identify its strengths and weaknesses
  • measure how well the space meets everyone’s needs
  • track changes in people’s views

Please contact Corinna here for more details.