Supporting both individuals or agencies with expert services.

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Friendly, simple business advice & hands-on support for start-ups, freelancers and small businesses. If you are an individual I can help you directly. Alternatively agencies can engage my professional supply services.

I am looking to start up or improve my business

Do you have a good business idea and think there is a gap in the market – but don’t know where to start? Or do you have personal family commitments and looking to work flexibly around these as a freelancer? Or perhaps you simply think now it is time to be self-employed: your own boss…or you are stuck with your existing business and don’t quite know how to grow it? I am here to support you right from the start.

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I am looking to improve my community

Do you have a great idea on how to improve your community – but don't know where to start? Are you looking to make your community a better place to live and work? Do you want to get the community behind you and have enough funds to pull the project off? I can help you with all aspects of your community projects, from consultation, to finding funding over to project planning and measuring impact. I have personal practical experience of community projects, all you need to do is tap into it!

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I am a support agency looking for additional skills

Do you need a flexible yet reliable specialist to support your delivery? Are you looking for a personable, charismatic & passionate individual to represent your organisation? Do you need extra capacity for a project, on an ad-hoc basis or for a few months? I can step in as trainer, mentor or adviser at often short notice in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex and north London.

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What one of my customers had to say about me

Corinna is a joy to work with and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. - Jeni L. Project co-ordinator at Eden Project